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 Good Shuffle shoes

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PostSubject: Good Shuffle shoes   Good Shuffle shoes EmptyWed Jun 15, 2011 11:41 am

Ok guys. So i thought id post this topic, to either help people out or get an opinion. Obviously if your an alright shuffler types of shoes dont really matter. You can rock out in anything, even high heels if your a chick (Yep ive seen this many times and YES it IS hot!!)

Just wanted to know what your 'preference' is?

I know alot of people like the expensive Adidas indoor sport type shoes or the equivalents....

But a few mates have found, for one they are expensive, and two they do wear out fairly fast. Plus they tend to hurt your toes a little bit as they are more stiff, real leather and all.

Then there are the skate shoe ppl. I must admit they are comfortable with heaps of cushioning and support. But they also look kinda big. Not really my thing, if im going all out.

My ALL TIME FAVES, after 4 years of shuffling and trying heaps of different shoes still are $20 Payless Canvas shoes. They look like grandpa slippers, or Rayben's if you have seen them.
They are tough and flex just enough you dont smash your toes or feet up badly. They also have a fair amount of cushion. But the thing i like is they are 'fast'. Weigh practically nothing too. Plus the sole pretty much stays the same until they are fully worn out. Even sticky club carpet doesnt slow you down like other shoes. Ive never used it but if you use tape i dont think there is really a need. The other bonus? They cost $20... I tend to wear them out after a few months or hard rocking. Especially lots of reverse running man wears the toes out pretty fast. But better be $20 than the $90 Adidas counterparts.. The white ones make your feet move obvious, but the black never get dirty Smile

Good Shuffle shoes Harlequinblack

So what do you like to rock out in? Please dont say socks lol lol!
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Good Shuffle shoes
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